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We are a specialist translation agency, working between Spanish and English. We translate your English documents into Spanish and your Spanish documents into English.

You may have been asked to provide a certified or sworn translation to prove your identity, qualifications, civil status or criminal record, in order to apply for a job, training course, or you may need certified translations as part of an ongoing commercial or legal project.

In mainland Europe, translators can be classified as Sworn or Certified Translators, and they must be used to translate official documents.

In the UK we do not have sworn translators; instead, the translation itself is certified, to one of the following 3 levels:

1. Certified Translation

Our translators have been recognised by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) to certify translations as accurate (either our own or other translators’).

We print a hard copy of your documents and the completed translation. We then print a formal statement to certify that the translation is accurate, then bind all the documents together and stamp and sign each page, to prevent tampering.

Before binding and posting you the final bundle, we send you a scanned copy via email, so you can double check nothing is missing. Once you agree, we post it via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

2. Notarised Translation

We complete the translation and certification documents as in level 1, then present our formal statement to a Notary or Solicitor. The Notary also signs and stamps it, to certify it as an official document.

3. Apostilled Translation (Legalised Translation)

An apostille is a stamp of authenticity by an official government body, legalising all the documents. In the UK, this is done at the Legalisation Office.

The documents must already have passed through certification levels 1 & 2, which the Legalisation Office confirms with an apostille certificate. For more information on this, please see here.

Delivery of final documents

In all cases, once you have confirmed the documents via email, we post you the certified documents in hard copy, securely bound, with stamps and signatures or initials on each page.

Since we deliver your certified documents to you in hard copy, by post, your final delivery time will depend on Royal Mail special delivery. When relevant, we also need to work within the Notary and Legalisation office opening times and availability.

Let us contact you

“Just wanted to thank you for your assistance the other day. Everything went very smoothly and it was good to work with you.”


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What do you need to be able to quote?

Please send us a clear scan or photograph of your documents via email, with all corners and edges showing.

If there are any handwritten names or details, it is useful for you to clarify these in your covering email, as sometimes they are hard for us to decipher.

How much will my translation cost?

We usually quote a fixed or per-hour fee for the translation, based on the complexity of the work, plus a fixed fee for certification and postage.

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