Health & Safety Case Study

Spanish Ministry of Defence

Our client, a consultant to the Spanish Ministry of Defence, needed us to translate the manual for correct storage and test procedures for military-grade night vision goggles

Since the documents were instruction manuals, the client asked us to use simple, everyday language, and be as clear and concise as possible, while still conveying accurate safety information and the correct details of the relevant EU and International standards and regulations

The manuals contained lots of diagrams and photos, so we needed to make sure our text fit within the layout and matched the relevant explanatory sections

We verified the correct standards and regulations, and in one case we were able to highlight reference to an out of date standard in the original document, avoiding potential problems for our client

We delivered the project on time and within budget and we met the brief on keeping the language clear and simple. Our client reported that the end users were able to fully understand their training documentation.

Thanks to our timely highlighting of reference to an out-of-date standard, the client was able to verify with the relevant laboratory regarding their correct certification, before they took delivery of their items and potentially broke the terms of their tender or endangered an individual’s safety.