Translations for buying property in Spain

A frequently overlooked cost of buying a property in Spain is translations. You will need to translate many documents from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish over the course of the process.

In this guide you will understand:

What translations are required depending on where you are in the buying process

Planning for the future, what to translate now for selling the property on and inheritance

How much to budget for and tips to avoid duplicating your spending

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Appointing a property lawyer

Why appoint a property lawyer and granting power of attorney to them will help guide your translation requirements and help you control the buying process

Bank accounts and N.I.E

Why the N.I.E number is required and what you need translated to get a Spanish bank account

Sworn & Certified Translations

Often thought to mean the same thing we explain the difference between the two types of official translations and when they are required.

How much will it all cost?

What you need to get translated and what to expect to spend. Plus how to avoid duplicating translations and common mistakes in getting translations

What people say about Quality Spanish Translations

Apart from the high quality of the translation work, what is really impressive is their knowledge of legal and administrative procedures which means the documents supplied are always tailored to the client's needs and accepted without any challenge by the authorities in Spain

Vista Maxima Services Ltd

A speedy response to the need for a translation of a certificate. A personal call from Philip regarding supporting my client with her requirements, as well as emails with all the information needed and a very quick response regarding the time frame of when the document was required. Extremely helpful.

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