Mini guide: Translations for buying property in Spain

A frequently overlooked cost of buying a property in Spain is translations. You will need to translate many documents from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish over the course of the process.

In this mini guide you will get:

What documents you absolutely must translate, to comply with the rules, and which you can do without.

How much will it cost to get translations plus costs for notarisations and apostilles

A handy translation checklist to track what needs to be done

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Just what translations are needed?

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a house sale, so much that it can seem dauting and eye wateringly expensive to get it all translated. The guide lists all the documents that need translations from those you absolutely must translate, to comply with the rules, and those which you can do without.

Translation checklist

It's easy to lose track of what documents are needed to be translated. It can lead to a stressful last minute rush to get your documents translated and paying way above the odds. This checklist keeps you on top of what needs to be done.

How much will it all cost?

If you've never used a translation company before then its difficult to know if you've got a good price or if you are being overcharged. This details exactly what you should look to spend for getting your documents translated and how much notary and apostille fees are as well.

What people say about Quality Spanish Translations

Apart from the high quality of the translation work, what is really impressive is their knowledge of legal and administrative procedures which means the documents supplied are always tailored to the client's needs and accepted without any challenge by the authorities in Spain

Vista Maxima Services Ltd

A speedy response to the need for a translation of a certificate. A personal call from Philip regarding supporting my client with her requirements, as well as emails with all the information needed and a very quick response regarding the time frame of when the document was required. Extremely helpful.

St Francis of Assisi Church

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