Part 4 – Reporting


Following last weeks guide, found here,  we conclude our guide to using translators on international content marketing campaigns with the reporting phase. This is the final part of the process to ensure the campaign is tracked to understand its successes (and provide ROI to justify its approach) and using the feedback, good and bad, to iterate for the next cycle of marketing.

Typical content marketing approach

Most content campaigns can be split into four phases:

  1. Planning – Research, preparation and ideation.
  2. Execution – Creating and publishing content.
  3. Promotion – Promoting a piece of content.
  4. Measurement – This includes everything involved in analysing performance

A better way to view it is as follows:

Reporting Schedule

The size of your organisation and the relative importance of the campaign will dictate the frequency of marketing reports. Most departments and marketers automate this, although there may be some bespoke reporting that needs to be manually done as well. This would typically need templates for reporting the data set.

The most straightforward way to determine the frequency is to answer these questions:

  1. How regularly are data updates required? It could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual.
  2. What and how much data needs to be shared? Day-to-day performance is likely to be on a weekly or monthly basis, while long-term results/KPIs are likely to be quarterly or annual reporting.
Translation: considerations & recommendations
  • Bring a translator into your analytic review as a consultant. They can be alongside you and flag up language-specific behaviours due to local events or customs that affect results. Eg: In August, large parts of Spain virtually shut down as the majority of people are expected to take their holidays (a lot more than the UK).
  • Alternatively, if you can’t afford for them to be in situ, you can send them files to analyse and write commentaries on the results and recommendations for the next iteration of the campaign.
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