The benefits of using a specialist agency

Why use our specialist agency rather than a full-service one?

Simply put, we are committed to excellence. If we cannot do it to the high level of quality you need, then we won’t do it at all. We won’t compromise on this and we don’t think you should either. It’s why we only provide Spanish and English language services and why we don’t serve the sectors outside of the ones named on our website. If we can’t do it well, then we won’t do it. Whisper it: it’s not all about the money!

We made the decision to pursue excellence when founding Quality Spanish Translations, due to our experience working in the translation and digital agency worlds where, in the rush to provide increasing volumes of work, we watched the client being forgotten and mediocrity being delivered.

There are, of course, great examples of smaller specialised companies in these and other sectors, and we have chosen to share their agility, freedom, and passion for doing it ‘right’. The reason for choosing us, a single language-combination agency, is actually the same reason for choosing us for our sector specialisms: we deliver excellence.

1. Access to specialist knowledge

By using a translation company that is focused on one language combination and a selection of specialims rather than multiple languages and sectors, you work with a company that is focused on the individual. You not only get a deeper commitment, you also get access to a deeper set of skills. For instance, Emma Plested, one of our directors, has spent over 18 years developing her Spanish into English expertise, having lived in Spain, and Central and South America, and has worked in the legal and manufacturing sectors as both a commercial manager and a translator. Emma is also 100% client facing, and only works with clients in the sectors in which she has experience. In some cases she provides the translation herself but if not, she manages that work and assigns an appropriate linguist. In each case we are completely transparent on who is providing the work, so you know who it’s being done by and that they are an expert in your field.

2. Adaptability to change

Like many other industries where smaller specialist companies break free from larger firms, we are eager to innovate and try new things, knowing we don’t have to sell it to the board, only to you, our client. A great example of this is our adoption of machine translation tools. Far from being a threat to the specialised translations we provide, we are able to use our linguists to proof a greater volume of work and use their skills to deliver projects.

3. Access to the right people

The larger the translation agency you’re dealing with, the lower the chance the person you’re talking to will be able to answer your specific question. The standard structure is to employ a project manager as a dedicated liaison for a client who deals with all their needs. In principle it’s a great idea; in practice it is because the agency is focused on volume and these project managers are juggling multiple clients. They’re likely to be disconnected from the day-to-day work being done on any one account and won’t necessarily have the language or sector specialism for your project. They are go-betweens, barriers between you and the information you need.

We, however, have one small team. Each client is assigned a company director as the main point of contact, and they will know everything there is to know about your project. Once the director understands your project’s requirements, they assign a Spanish-to-English or English-to-Spanish linguist, as appropriate, and tell you who that is. If we don’t have the right expertise to match you and your project, we simply won’t accept that work.

4. We invested in ourselves

Put plainly, each client and project matters more to us. It’s not that big agencies don’t care, but it’s down to the law of averages: with big agencies you’re 1 account out of 100, your individual needs matter less than they do to a small company like ours. Each of our clients gets the platinum service because each one contributes directly to our livelihoods. When big agencies have to automate their systems and processes to cope with volume, they become inward focused, dealing with the sheer volume of work assigned and completed rather than looking after each project as best as it can possibly be looked after.

5. Concentrated excellence

As a small specialist company, we rely heavily on each member of the team. There’s no room for mediocrity. We don’t have managerial layers or multiple departments. Everyone contributes to everything: positioning, strategy, and execution. There’s no separation of teams, which means there’s no miscommunication among teams. Ours is a flat structure that is focused on efficiency, to deliver only the best results for you, the client.

6. Lower prices

As a smaller specialist agency, we pass those savings on to you. Because we’re not chasing volume, we use distributed linguists and don’t maintain an office. Due to our small size, we have opportunities for cost savings that are simply unavailable to larger agencies.

7. You get the A team

When you hire Quality Spanish Translations you know you’re getting the people who were truly responsible for that success. This is in contrast to when you hire a large agency, when you don’t know which team you’ll be assigned to (in fact you’ll probably never know who did the work). It’s possible that most of the teams are never much better than average.

We understand, of course, that there’s safety in choosing a multi-language agency that’s universally recognised and has the big names in its portfolio but we also know, from working with and for these companies, that in the rush to get work assigned and completed, the customer care and expertise sometimes gets lost. That’s why we founded Quality Spanish Translations and why each client and project gets exactly the same commitment to excellence.


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