Committed to Excellence

Why Spanish and English?

Simply put, we are committed to excellence. If we can’t do it to the high level of quality you need, then we won’t do it at all. We won’t compromise on this and we don’t think you should either.

By focusing on just one language combination instead of spreading across many, our directors are able to personally verify the quality of each piece of work we deliver. You not only get a deeper commitment, you also get access to a deeper set of skills

For instance, one of our directors, Emma Plested, has spent 18 years developing her Spanish into English expertise, having lived in Spain, and Central and South America, and has worked in the legal and manufacturing sectors as both a commercial manager and a translator. Emma is also 100% client facing, and only works with clients in the sectors in which she has experience. In some cases she provides the translation herself but if not, she manages that work and assigns an appropriate linguist. In each case we are completely transparent on who is providing the work, so you know who it’s being done by and that they are an expert in your field.