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Specialist Language Services between Spanish and English

Quality Spanish Translations is a professional translation and language services company based in the UK. Our core business is translation, working between Spanish and English.

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Sector Experience

Sector Specific Practitioners

Each project is assigned and carefully qualified by a company director, who is experienced in the relevant industry. This allows the appropriate language specialists to be assigned and thoroughly briefed before undertaking the work.

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“Your prompt diligence and professionalism is, as ever, greatly appreciated.”
Security consultant, UN Geneva

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How long will my translation take?

The timeframe depends on the type of document, the type of language, our availability and whether we need to perform any formatting or other processes on it. As a rough guide, we translate approx. 2000 words per working day.

How much will my translation cost?

Depending on the job, we either quote a fixed fee for the whole project, a per-hour fee, or fee per word of the source text.

How much information do you need about my project to quote?

The more information you can provide us with, the better.

The basics we always need are: the type of document(s), source and target language, length of the document(s), your deadline, the level of service you need (eg: whether you need a “good enough” job for informal use, or a publishable piece of work). If you can send either a sample of the piece or the whole document, this obviously answers most of these points.

Extra information that always helps: the purpose of the project (eg: to win a tender, improve your online presence, etc), the audience for the project (eg: potential customers, employees, general public, government department, etc.), any preferred terminology (eg: “customer” not “client”)

Who will work on my project?

One of our directors will discuss your requirements with you and provide a quote. Once you decide to start working with us, we assign a linguist who is an expert in your sector. Our director will be your main point of contact, but we will be transparent about which linguist is doing the work, and you will have contact with them if necessary.